Behind These Hazel Eyes

Experience the world as i see it through my eyes.
Which one should be my new default? #help
Riding around with my lil brother…
#unposted from last weekend. Out eating and watching the LSU game at #SchlittzAndGiggles
First day of work #completed… ☺️
πŸ˜’ He like me sometimes I guess… ☺️
Look at what @wow_bj sent to my phone πŸ˜‚
So this is the first picture I took when I got my new phone. I don’t like it but I like it πŸ’…IDK!
This beautiful waterfall is right here in Baton Rouge at Celebration Station
Me and my boys
Chillin or whatever on the good SU homecoming weekend
…from the other day
πŸ˜‚ us as a people, I swear… #GM everybody πŸ‘‹
Chillin with this dude today …he didn’t want to take the picture lol
Chillin or whatever…