Behind These Hazel Eyes

Experience the world as i see it through my eyes.
Playin in photoshop again until 6 this morning trying to see how exactly they  these photo editors are able to make the skin smooth and clear without losing any texture… I FIGURED IT OUT!!! 🙌👏💃
Someones trying to fight their sleep 😄
Playing around in photoshop. #BeforeAndAfter #photoshop #BOYCgraphics
My first tattoo I did on myself, it came out pretty good I like it. Its the kidney awareness ribbon.
He wanted to lay on his daddy, but I think he just like the way this snuggie feel #dontjudgeme
I’m so in love wity this song, OMG!
I NEVER take full body pics at all but here’s one for u guys… YES, for those who dont know I am really short lol #IKnow
Time to take on Houston #bdayboy #24
#HappyBirthdayToMe! #24
Good afternoon people



Baaaaaaby can u IMAGINE that SEX …… WHEW I’m hard 
The Game grabbed Breezy Like COME ERE LIL BITCH lol
Breezy Happier than a Mf lmao
Yessss as y’all see Game was salivating lmao

The way Game looked at him tho


rings for days